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Ep 12 - Changing our Climate with the Food We Eat

Ep 12 - Changing our Climate with the Food We Eat

November 7, 2019

In this episode I’m talking with Dan Jason the owner of Salt Spring Seeds. Dan has a pioneer vision to help communities around the world let go of their dependence on the food industry and fulfill their communities grocery needs at home - without compromising the varieties of food we love!

He is committed to helping people grow their own food and save their own seeds. In this episode we're exploring how to relate with our future through the foods we choose.

We're also diving into:
- How the design of seeds can effect our longevity on the planet
- The basic seeds that can keep us be sustained into the future
- What’s needed to keep our communities from being cut off from food sources
- How to feed ourselves and get beyond having to pay for food

To contact Dan Jason you can go to: